Smart Triage - Manchester Triage Protocol Version 3

Intelligent triage system fully integrated with the clinical system that is fast, easy to use, which allows from the patient's chief complaint to apply a central intelligence mechanism that, through some additional questions, advises which triage symptom to apply leading to a more supported and correct urgency prioritization. A Meaningful Use of AI in the Triage Process
Our hospital software solution integrates with clinical systems and implements the Manchester Triage Protocol to provide a comprehensive platform with numerous benefits. It offers AI-assisted decision support, which helps nurses to make informed and accurate decisions in real-time, thus streamlining emergency care workflows. Our software has a unique feature that allows it to ask additional questions related to the patient's chief complaint, based on a vast database of audited triages performed with the Manchester Protocol. This functionality enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the decision-making process and supports hospital staff with less experience and knowledge level.