OVANTIS Patient Digital Consent

Solution fully integrated with the clinical system, document management system that allows the full dematerialization of informed consents and associated questionnaires enabling greater security/control fully in compliance with the processes of the Health entity.
Solution designed in collaboration with the Champalimaud Foundation that allows dematerialization of informed consents, enabling greater security / control fully framed in the processes of the Health entity. It includes patient questionaries and sending the documents, automatically filled out, directly to the patient, collecting signatures and secure storage of the documents in digital support. The process will be initiated by the physician or administrator, who will select the document template to be used. The same will be shared with the patient via email for him to declare his acceptance and sign. Using a QR Code, the documents are presented on a tablet, to be signed using a "Pen" (digital ink pen), collecting the biometric information of the signature. Additionally, a code will be sent, via SMS, to the patient's cell phone which will have to be correctly transcribed, before being "digitally" sealed with a "digital timestamp". The purpose of using the temporal seal will be to guarantee that a document (or file) existed at a certain moment in time. In this case, it ensures that the patient's signature was obtained at that moment in time and that the PIN, sent to the patient's cell phone, was transcribed correctly for process validation. Thus, this solution uses a multi-factor system to ensure the patient's consent, based on the voluntary association of the patient's identification with his or her cell phone number, through the introduction of a unique and temporary numerical code. In the end, the document will have the qualified signature of the physician, obtained through the use of the citizen card or the card of the Order of Physicians, which together with the "digital certificate" of the entity ensures that it has not been modified. The document generated will be archived in a document management system. Main Features: - Questionnaire (with a back-office tool to configure and create new templates, documents and questionnaires) - Digital "handwritten" signature with collection of biometric information of the pen movements for the handwritten signature (speed, pressure, inclination, rise and fall times of the pen, coordinates and inclination angles of the pen during the whole signature process) according to ISO/IEC 19794-7 - Easy integration in a tablet or other device to collect the patient's signature - Support of documents in several languages