UROLOGY - Hydrustent®

Innovative solution that ensures post-operative urological surgeries success. Hydrustent is the first 100% biodegradable hydrogel ureteral stent.
Defined as a soft, lubricated, and flexible double J, this stent is natural polymer-based. A simple solution for frequent clinical urological complications. Biodegradable ureteral stent that allows the efficient urine drainage from kidney to bladder in post-operative situations. To be placed endoscopically and during an open surgical procedure. 100% hydrogel. Homogeneous degradation. Eliminates the need of a second clinical procedure for stent removal. Reduces the risks of stent-related complications like bacterial infections and encrustation. Eliminates the ‘forgotten stent’ syndrome. Decreases the average costs of kidney stones hospital treatments by 60%.