Hydrumedical SA

Hydrumedical SA,
AvePark - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia
Sala 213
4805-017 Barco
Guimarães | Portugal


Hydrumedical's main business has been, since its
foundation in 2016, to support its customers and partners in the
development of disruptive medical technologies, namely biodegradable
ureteral stents (urology) and innovative medical devices for gastroenterology
(ostomy), and a new portefolio in sports medicine. One of our key objectives and added-value
proposition is to cross-feed the best practices applied to this
challenging market, to foster added efficiency in the medical
engineering processes applied to real-world projects, ultimately driving
them to success.
Hydrumedical is a certified company according the International
Standards, ISO 13485 and I50 9001 for quality management system
and NP 4457 for innovation.