An Innovative system designed to control adverse reactions and allergies
What is SIRAI? - SIRAI is an information system designed for the registration and control of adverse reactions to drugs, medical devices, and allergies. // Objectives - Enhance patient safety; - Improve communication among hospitals, healthcare units, pharmacovigilance units, and drug regulatory institutes; - Increase the reporting of adverse drug reactions and incidents related to medical devices; - Optimize the allocation of resources in health institutions. // Features - Early detection of safety issues with medicines and medical devices; - Local registration of adverse drug reactions within hospitals, with interoperability with other information systems; - AI-powered decision support system to report beta-lactam allergies; - Bibliovigilance system for accessing scientific information on adverse reactions; - AI-supported decision system to evaluate the causality of adverse reactions; - Providing information for management and research purposes. // The advantages of SIRAI for health professionals - With SIRAI, healthcare professionals can proactively detect safety concerns, securely register adverse drug reactions, leverage AI for decision-making, access scientific resources, and contribute to ongoing management and research efforts.