A Comprehensive Electronic Health Record System for Breast Pathology
What is BreastCare? BreastCare is an electronic health record system that fully supports the clinical activities of breast pathology. It integrates with other clinical and administrative information systems and is accessible to registered users from any computer within the Hospital network. It also has state-of-the-art security features to protect the confidentiality of patient data. // Who developed BreastCare? - BreastCare is a product of VirtualCare, a Portuguese company that offers solutions of information and communication technology applied to health. VirtualCare has more than 10 years of market experience and serves several hospitals in Portugal. It also develops educational platforms, obstetric data management systems and telemedicine tools. // Why choose BreastCare? - BreastCare improves the quality and efficiency of care for patients with breast pathology; - Structured data collection according to international standards (EUSOMA); - Management of the patient's journey at all times, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up; - By using BreastCare, you can reduce costs, improve patient and healthcare professional satisfaction, and promote innovation within the healthcare sector. // The advantages of BreastCare for health professionals: - Access and update medical records of your patients with breast pathology in a fast and easy way; - Get a comprehensive view of the patient’s clinical history, symptoms, injury site, diagnosis and treatment; - Perform multidisciplinary consultations and analyze data of several years of appointments and treatments to generate new knowledge and improve clinical practice; - Facilitate the communication and collaboration with other health professionals involved in patient’s care; - Improve and increase research work and publications with structured data. //