COGWEB® is a tool that allows the implementation of personalized programs of cognitive training, providing professionals and patients a vast set of computer exercises focused in different cognitive domains (e.g. attention, memory, language, calculation and executive functioning).

The specialized professional builds sessions of cognitive training, which the patient performs at home or in the institution, according to defined guidelines.

What are the advantages of using COGWEB®?

- Implementation of personalized cognitive training programs for individuals or group, either in person or remotely, always under specialized supervision;

- Achieve treatment of high intensity;

- Continuous monitorization of the training process (attendance, utilization rate, evolution and difficulty);

- Respond to cognitive training needs in multiple diseases and at different ages;

- Allows cognitive training in several contexts (e.g. clinical context, nursing homes, residence);

- Enables practitioners and institutions with methods to improve the access of patients with cognitive deficits to specialized interventions.