ROSE - RObot SEnsing Tele-Ecography

In order to mitigate two major problems in the area of ultrasound, namely, the few specialist ultrasound doctors and the existence of a very dispersed territory with few resources, the ROSE project was created.
The main objective of this project was to develop a system (called ROSE) for the telemedicine market, based on recent advances in tele-ultrasound assisted by robotic technologies. Each ROSE system includes two ergonomic robotic stations (one on the medical side and the other on the patient side), a set of ultrasound probes equipped with the usual patient database system located in a Cloud, and secure communication structures over the internet. Combining these elements, ROSE will allow interaction among multiple physicians and patients, mitigating travel inconveniences both on the patient's side and the medical side, and creating new services such as remote technical mentoring and international collaboration.