R&D Services

The RTD consulting services unit of the Laboratory of Automation and Systems aims to support companies and help them respond to market challenges efficiently, offering services for the different steps in the development of a product.
1) Idea - ideation of potential solutions to address the unmet need by codesign approaches and technology innovation pathway support; 2) Prototyping - through the development, prototyping, and production of embedded systems and electronics, including printed circuit board design and firmware development application development using cutting-edge domains: Embedded Systems - Edge Computing, Embedded devices with artificial vision, Embedded Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Vision, Non Intrusive Sensing; Collaborative Robotics; Internet of Bodies (IoB): Internet of Things (IoT), Self-monitoring devices, Devices connected to the body. 3) Proof of Feasibility and Value - technical feasibility assessment and usability testing, focusing on user experience and functionality feedback.