Software to support the aesthetic assessment outcome of breast reconstruction

BCCT.core software is a semi-automatic objective tool for the quantification of the aesthetic results in BCCT, discriminating between four categories (excellent, good, fair and poor) of overall subjective evaluation, simplifying and standardizing the aesthetic evaluation of BCCT.

The software is a user friendly semi-automatic method that that evaluates absolute and relative asymmetry, color differences and scar visibility using patient’s digital pictures. After manually positioning the reference points on the patient face view image (semi-automatic), the program calculates automatically 14 asymmetry, 8 color and 8 scar features. Finally, machine learning techniques are used to find the best subset of measures and the best relation between them, classifying each case in one of four classes (excellent, good, fair or poor).

BCCT.core has been successfully used by several centres (worldwide) for clinical use mainly.

Data from 2014, indicates that in the period 2007-2014, 102 centers from all five continents have used the BCCT.core software. It was also was used in 19 full published papers, of which 12 were from independent groups that developed and published their work without our cooperation. 29 conference abstracts were published in index journals also using our solution.