Explaining to humans the spectral data extracted from samples, BB-SPECTRAL is unique at establishing its own knowledgebase, indicating 'a priori' the predictability, accuracy and precision of new estimates.

BB-SPECTRAL is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology for quantifying and categorizing chemical compounds using spectral information of highly complex samples (e.g. blood, soil). This technology is applicable to all regions of the electro-magnetic spectra used in spectroscopy analysis, or with any other type of spectroscopy where complex multi-scale interference and chemical/biological variability is present.

BB-SPECTRAL has been validated in a Veterinary clinic, where it performed hemogram analysis (e.g. erythrocytes, hemoglobin, hematocrit, platelets and white blood cells) 20 times faster than current PoC technologies with laboratory quality results (92.86% - 98.31%).