Providing unique bath experiences - Implementing showercare® in hospitals, clinics, continuing or palliative care units and homes represent a 360o system through which all the different intervenients will benefit. It will create a direct impact on the patients’ comfort and dignity, in the clinical outcome, nursing personal activities, management and succeeding costs for healthcare facilities and systems.
It comprehends 4 different components, each one with its purpose, but which complement each other to give an outstanding experience: - Showercare SAGH (Hygiene Management system) is an equipment that delivers running hot water, with multiple baths capacity, shampooing and on site wastewater management with immediate neutralization through an integrated disinfection and sterilization system. - Docking Station: When not in use, SAGH rests on a docking station in which it is able to automatically charge, discharge, and self–clean. This component is installed on a specific, but already existent, area reserved for dumping and cleaning hospital equipment. It is ecologic and economic since it avoids unnecessary cold water waste. - Showercare® Data Management Platform: Due to DMP intelligent control, it’s possible for healthcare units to have access to relevant information about the equipment operation and to manage hygiene dedicated resources. This induces traceability on the complete process, ensuring better control on the dynamics and management of healthcare activities. This component also allows remote control and at distance assistance, 24 hours, 7 days per week. Finally, and by using biometric patches that communicate with this platform, it’s also possible to continuously and remotely track bio parameters, finding contagion patter. - Showercare Lining-Kit is a high-tech textile lining with just one-millimetre thickness that acts as an extra protection for patients.