Shellty is a high-tech textile lining with antiviral, antibacterial, and hydrophobic characteristics that replace all the regular cotton lower sheets (from patients’ bed).
This new linning is biocompatible and breathable, permanently kept on the bed with two different goals to be used by all patients regardless of whether they are bedridden or not and in case these patients are totally dependent and need to be bathed in bed, the shellty (in the combined version with showercare) allows the healthcare professional to bathe in bed without having to change sheets (it’s two in one). In addition to protecting the patient’s environment and increasing the survival of mattresses, it adapts to any mattress and/or hospital bed. Product properties: - Biostatic (including Covid-19); - Hydrophobic; -Biocompatible; -Breathable; -Comfortable; -Soft touch; -Sustentability; Competitive Advantages: _1 Year lifespan; _72 hours of use on the same patient without the need to change sheets (Less 8 times need for change); _Just needs to be washed twice per week - saving over 75€ year in water and electricity, not naming hours of work/week.