Rua das Casas Queimadas, 567, Grijó, Vila Nova de Gaia 4415-439, Portugal


WOCK® is a brand specialized in professional and comfort footwear, which combines three key elements: design, comfort and maximum performance.

WOCK® footwear is ideal for active professionals, as well as people who favor comfortable lifestyle without disregarding design. They combine technical and therapeutic features, such as autoclavable, washable, impacts reduction system, legs muscular relaxation, temperature and moisture control, orthopedics and reduction of the static energy.

WOCK® footwear is ideal for jobs that involve professionals who spend many hours standing, which can lead to foot discomfort or leg and feet fatigue. These jobs include among others:

• Hospitals and other healthcare institutions;
• Cosmetics and beauty companies;
• Pharmaceutical industry;
• Cleaning companies;
• Hotels restaurants and catering industry.