Product for monitoring and managing chronically ill patients’ prescribed medication intake.
he aptaMED device, to be developed within the scope of this project, will help to meet this need. It can be attached to the base of any pre-existing medicine bottle giving it new functionalities that assist the user during drug therapy. To this end, it will be necessary to program the device for the time and day of the prescribed dose, which can be done by the patient or through IoT systems integrated in the health and well-being area. When programmed, it will generate alerts for the timely taking of medication while monitoring it, allowing a remote follow-up of the patient. For this purpose, this product incorporates several features, such as: real time monitoring of the medication taken; viewing the history of the medication taken directly on the device; easy adaptability to a wide range of medication bottles; and, for users with a smartphone, it will be possible to communicate not only the alerts for taking the medication, but also to provide feedback on their performance by sending messages and other alerts In the case of multi-medication, network communication between the different monitoring devices will also be guaranteed in order to ensure correct drug therapy.