Pharmia HC

R. Pampelido Velho 76,


At PHARMIA we manufacture medical devices (MD) and personal protective equipment (PPE), certified by INFARMED and specialized in products for hospital, medical and pharmaceutical use. We produce 8 million masks and respirators a month, chosen by multinational companies, hospitals and pharmaceuticals, based on the highest quality and highest protection of their products.

At PHARMIA, we are constantly researching and developing the improvement of our masks and respirators.
Pharmia is a pioneer company, as it has revolutionized the sector of the production of Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Devices.
This is because it uses certified raw materials to produce Medical Devices of impeccable quality, simultaneously fighting for the recycling of waste and sustainable development.

Pharmia focuses efforts to protect the health of the general population. We do this with the experience in the market, expertise in producing the equipment necessary for prevention, and with the research and development in innovative and more effective equipment for personal protection.

We work for a better world, complying with international requirements.