PLMA 100 Photopolymerizable Hydrogel

PLMA PHOTOPOLYMERIZABLE HYDROGEL is a xeno-free, animal serum-free, bioactive platelet lysates-based platform that provides physiologically relevant microenvironments for cells cultured in vitro. The precursor solution is easily prepared by reconstituting PLMA lyophilizate in an aqueous solution with a photoinitiator. Afterwards it can be cured upon light exposure to form a hydrogel with tuneable mechanical properties. PLMA Photopolymerizable Hydrogels provide great control over gelation time and matrix stiffness, enabling researchers to create the cell culture environment that better fits their needs.
PLMA 100 PHOTOPOLYMERIZABLE HYDROGEL is composed of several proteins, including growth factors and cytokines. These bioactive proteins are known to be key components involved in cell adhesion and proliferation processes. PLMA 100 PHOTOPOLYMERIZABLE HYDROGEL has tunable mechanical properties adjusted by the concentration of PLMA 100 lyophilizate in the precursor solution. It is therefore possible to obtain hydrogels with different stiffnesses this way closely mimicking the mechanical properties of native tissues. PLMA 100 PHOTOPOLYMERIZABLE HYDROGEL applied as a 3D platform for cell culture supports the culture of different cells, including human-derived stem cells (hSCs) and cancer cells (MG-63, SaOS-2 and A549) up to 14 days. Due to their richness in growth factors and other bioactive proteins it is also possible to use such platforms to culture cells in xeno-free conditions, this way avoiding the use of animal-derived serum supplements.