BUMI Baby Pillow

BUMI´s Pillow was developed to prevent and correct cranial deformities (plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and scaphocephaly) during the first months of the baby's life. These deformities are produced by constant external pressure on the skull and may arise during gestation and/or during the birth canal crossing. They may still appear during the first year of life, especially in the first 4 months, and one of the main causes results from head positioning during this period. BUMI’s Pillow central cavity maximizes the support surface by reducing and evenly distributing the pressure that is exerted on the baby's head in a supine position (with face and torso up). With anatomical configuration, it adapts to the shape of the baby's head and allows freedom of movement and rotation of the head, strengthening the neck muscles and promoting the recovery of its rounded shape.