InSignals NeuroTech

Enhancing therapeutics approaches when dealing with neurological pathologies

inSignals Neurotech is a spin-off of the R&D Institute INESC TEC, together with Frontier IP Group, a specialist on IP commercialisation, incorporated the company in 2019 to bring to market solutions developed by the research group of Prof. João Paulo Cunha that can assist the clinical diagnosis of neurological diseases, like Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy.

The company will explore technologies based on microengineering that enhance therapeutics approaches when dealing with neurological pathologies. The products being developed are designed after hearing the demands from doctors that require solutions to improve the precision of motor symptoms analysis, to support better therapeutics. The first product that will enter the market is iHandU to evaluate motor rigidity objectively and support Deep Brain Stimulation therapy of patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

The vision of inSignals is to improve the health of people with neurological diseases.