Hope Care is a leader in digital healthcare COMPANY focusing on remote patient monitoring (RPM) system to create Hospital@Home solutions. The company holds the ISO13485 certification and has recently achieved the EU MDR 2017/745 Class IIb certification for its disease diagnostic Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), distinguishing itself as one of the few companies worldwide to possess both certifications.
HCAlert is a digital health solution developed in collaboration with healthcare providers. It allows you to monitor chronically ill patients at home. In several implemented projects, our clients publicly disclosed enhancements in various healthcare metrics, ranging from: -55%: In hospital readmissions. -61%: In emergency room visits. -55%: Decline in general practice consultations. -85%: In emergency episodes. -45%: In hospitalization days. These results demonstrate the practical benefits of HCAlert in enhancing patient care and reducing healthcare resource utilization.