The GLEBA reusable social textile mask is aimed at European consumers who are concerned with ecology, ensures 25 washes at a temperature above 60º and allows ironing at 110º (sterilization) without losing the viral permeability. It is a product for an audience that is concerned with sustainability and the circular economy. In this context, a working group was created: Gleba Tintex, REMIT, FEUP, CITEVE, CESAE, health professionals, which allowed the development of a sustainable product, within the “circular economy” that contributed to reducing the contagion of COVID-19 and the resolution of the following problem: "at the moment, there is a proliferation of disposable or reusable products manufactured with non-recyclable raw materials that will have a very negative impact on society". As a result, a national brand product is born, GLEBA - PROTECT 2020, making it a product of the circular economy, taking into account the materials used, with recyclable characteristics and a low cost per use.