Strategic R-D-I

Science to Market processes

Creative innovation methods

Design for manufacturing

Creative processes with customized methods for each challenge:

• organizational alignment and understanding how the organization is prepared and how it can adjust to create the best offer;

• Trends and state-of-the-art research, of similar companies, similar markets and others that can serve as inspiration • Collection and mapping of primary and secondary data,

• Ideas and other insights, both from people inside and outside the company and, in particular, knowing and listening to customers;

• Creation of storytelling;

• Identification and definition of additional features and services by third-parties; • Ideation workshops,

• Action plans duly adjusted and planned by degree of feasibility and chronologically, condensed in the form of reports and implementation tools.

These exercises can involve service users, health professionals, technical staff, etc., in order to collect contributions that are then mapped and processed so that they result in effective outputs.