spinit® HbA1c

The spinit® HbA1c disposable disc is used with the spinit® instrument as a quantitative assay for the measurement of HbA1c - glycosylated haemoglobin in whole blood (venous and capillary).
The measurement of HbA1c is used as a diagnostic tool to identify patients who may be at risk for developing diabetes mellitus and is recommended for monitoring long-term blood glucose control in individuals with diabetes mellitus. HbA1c concentration levels correlate well with the risk of long-term macro and microvascular diabetes complications. The development of such complications can be retarded by defining specific treatment targets and decision limits to achieve adequate metabolic control. The use of point of care testing for HbA1c measurement enables rapid provision of information regarding patient glycaemic history, which allows for timely decisions on therapeutic regimen, enhancing the likelihood of patient compliance to the treatment.