Wisify Tech Solutions

Rua Brito Capelo, 585, 1
4450-075 Matosinhos


Wisify is an innovative startup dedicated to changing how health and sports technology work. Our main product, Lipowise, is patented in the US (US9198602B2) and Europe (EP2589336B1) and has gained attention. However, we have a broader mission. We want to give professionals in various fields access to advanced tools for assessing the body and predicting health risks.

Lipowise is a revolutionary digital tool that redefines how we analyse body composition. It's fast, accurate, and integrates with other systems, but this is just the beginning. We are working on a range of new products to help professionals assess their clients' physical conditions comprehensively, from measuring lengths to diameters and heights. Our commitment to innovation, rooted in our foundation at the University of Porto, drives us to transform how health assessment works.

We aim to provide professionals with a comprehensive toolkit that goes beyond the usual methods, enabling them to make better decisions for their clients and predict risk factors and injuries. At Wisify, we are not just changing one product; we are changing how health assessment and prescription is done.