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Campus do Lumiar, Edifício E – 1º andar
1649-038 Lisboa


NZYTech manufactures and supplies high-quality enzymes, mixes and kits for molecular research and diagnostics in Life Science Research and Clinical Diagnostics, including custom and OEM solutions. From qPCR & One-Step RT-qPCR Master Mixes, to Reverse Transcriptases, to Ribonuclease Inhibitors and Polymerases. Additionaly, our Clinical Diagnostics solutions have a range of CE-IVD certified products, including SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR kits and COVID-19 & Flu A/B Multiplex RT-qPCR kits.

ISO 13485

ISO 9001


Raw Materials: qPCR & One-step RT-qPCR Master Mixes; Reverse Transcriptases; Riboneuclease Inhibitors; Polymerases

Molecular Diagnostics: SARS-CoV-2 (CE-IVD); Respiratory Viruses (CE-IVD); RT-qPCR Kits (>200 kits RUO); Mag Beads vRNA/vDNA (CE-IVD)

At NZYTech, we constantly strive to develop high quality innovative products to satisfy the most demanding customers offering products and services at highly competitive prices. Our strategy is based on a strong commitment and investment in science that is instrumental to product development. Our products respond to the most demanding quality tests. We operate as one multi-cultural global team with well-defined moral and ethical values.


NZYTech is a growing biotech company, which develops and produces high quality products for laboratories and industries. The only way to become a leader in such a competitive market is by adding value to products/services and by reducing prices. NZYTech wants to be a reference in its operating markets, by delivering high quality products and by lowering the net prices to our customers, while promoting a sustainable growth.


To provide customers total satisfaction through the provision of high quality innovative products derived from leading R&D and continuous improvement, while promoting a sustainable growth in the global market.