Healthysystems Lda

Rua Alfredo Allen 455/461


We have been helping our customers to guarantee patient safety and improving clinical outcomes, by deploying state of the art tools with best of breed consulting services. We are focused in addressing interoperabilty, data protection and cybersecurity challenges, promoting our customers hability to maximize their returns on:

✔️ High availability and high level of service of an interoperability system.
✔️ Improved clinical data quality
✔️ Process Mining (patient journey between systems)
✔️ Alert and Monitorization of clinical events
✔️ Track & trace systems of workflows
✔️ Best Practices advisory (standards in communication, syntax, semantics and workflows)
✔️ RGPD data log compliant
✔️ Identity management, Single Sign On (SSO) and Web APIs security and access control