BMD Software, Lda.

PCI - Creative Science Park Via do Conhecimento,
3830-352 Ílhavo


BMD is an SME with experience in the development of biomedical applications, offering innovative software solutions such as PACScenter, Dicoogle, and NeoScreen. We provide services in data management, AI for imaging analysis, health services integration, software engineering and data science. We can provide full-fledged solutions, from the design to the implementation and maintenance of the software.

The solutions we offer:
- PACScenter, our PACS, fully Web-based and cloud-ready
- Dicoogle Pro, our DICOM archive
- NeoScreen, our solution for newborn screening labs

The services we can offer:
- Data management (ETL)
- AI applied to data and imaging analysis (e.g., MONAI)
- Health services integration (e.g., DICOM, HL7, FHIR)
- Software Engineering, DevOps, Full-fleshed solutions