AlmaScience Colab

AlmaScience CoLAB
Madan Parque
Rua dos Inventores
2825-182 Caparica

Quinta de S. Francisco
Rua José Estevão
(EN 230-1), 221
3800-783 Eixo, Aveiro


AlmaScience is an applied research organization and an accelerator of disruptive and sustainable technologies focused on the “smart paper ecosystem”. Through the collaboration with start-ups, SMEs, Mid Caps and large companies in the development and deployment of devices and systems enabled by nanotechnology, advanced functional materials and/or printed electronics techniques, ASc is a one-shopstop
for the co-development of innovations related to smart and sustainable cellulose-based technologies, aggregating key competences and leveraging its experience, contacts and resources from concept to commercialization in key areas such as: health and medical technologies, smartpackaging, paper electronics, smart-cellulose based materials and sustainable tech and innovation.