Value-Based Healthcare

Value-Based Healthcare in Cataract Surgery (VBHCAT)

Value-Based Healthcare


The Health Cluster Portugal (HCP) project, Value-Based Healthcare in Cataract Surgery (VBHCAT) was distinguished by the World Economic Forum’s Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare as a Global Innovation Hub. This distinction is awarded to the most advanced and impactful initiatives in the world that demonstrate leadership in the implementation of value-based healthcare models. 

The World Economic Forum’s Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare has considered the VBHCAT project, under development by HCP, to be so innovative and distinctive that it can be replicated in other countries, with significant impacts on patients, giving them more information and, to that extent, giving them the opportunity to make well-informed choices regarding their healthcare. 


Value-based Healthcare in Cataract Surgery Project

Health Cluster Portugal (HCP) in collaboration with 12 national hospitals, analysed the results of different ophthalmic centres, verifyng efficiencies and cost rationalisation without loss of quality in cataract surgery.

The 2021 Annual Report of the HCP VBHCAT project, aims to present the results of the analysis of more than 18,000 patients and the path in a cost rationalisation strategy, while maintaining the quality of care provided from the patient's perspective.

This project aims to create a rigorous and credible benchmarking system in cataract surgery, focusing on the health results obtained, in particular from the patient's perspective, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement in a high volume surgery, with high impact on the patient's quality of life and on National Health Service costs.

It will therefore serve as a reference to a clinical practice of excellence, with continuous information for clinicians and the general population, allowing patients to make informed choices, in a citizen/patient oriented logic and aiming to obtain the maximum health gains.


In the year 2021 participated in this pioneer project:

Centro Hospitalar de São João | Centro Hospitalar do Porto | Hospital de Braga | Centro Hospitalar da Universidade de Coimbra | Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Norte | Instituto Gama Pinto | CUF Group (5 units) | Unidade de Oftalmologia de Coimbra – UOC | and five national and international companies: Alcon | Novartis | Bayer | Roche | Promptly.